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Electric and Water Utilities


This is a broadcast system which provides instant notification of news affecting the community such as weather advisories, power or water outages and public announcements. The alerts may be by phone, text or email and the user may choose one, all or a combination of notification methods. The service is free and customers can sign up when they open their utility accounts. If a customer is not signed up, they may come by the utility office or can print the form from the link below and fax it to 918-485-9483. It is recommended that phone numbers are current and kept up to date in order to receive these notifications. For more information, call 918-485-4586, Ext. 235. Your information will not be shared and users may cancel the service at any time. For an Application Form, click the link below:

Payments and applications for city operated utility installations and disconnects are made at the WPWA office 100 S. Gertrude St.   

Visa and Mastercards are accepted..

In the fall of 2013 all electrical and water meters were replaced in the city.  These new meters, with remote reading technology, provide a high degree of accuracy as well as other functions such as pinpointing leaks and electrical outages quickly .  Please be careful while mowing at the water meters are easily damaged and expensive to replace.

The city operated van service offers a ride to  anyone within  the city.  For a $3.00 charge you may be picked up, make two stops and delivered back to your home.  Reservations must be made 24 hours or more in advance by calling 918-485-0059 between 8am and 12 noon. 

Wheelchair lifts are available.

The city has a program of trimming trees, growing within our right-of-way, which reduces the number and severity of electrical outages.

We also have an active program of removing brush and small limbs from citizen's property.  Pile your brush and limbs near the roadway and they will be picked-up and disposed of by mulching, usually within a few days.  For quicker service call 918-485-4586, Ext. 226.
The Water Park, located in Maple Park, at NE 2nd & Story, will open on May 27th. Admission for all ages per session is $4.35. The park is open every day from 12pm - 6pm, and closes at 8pm on Thursdays.

An individual season pass is $65.28 and a family season pass (4 people) is $195.84 with $27.20 for each additional person.

The pool is available for private parties at a rate of $326.40 for two hours and $163.20 for each additional hour
. For more information, call (918) 485-6788.


Water Park

Community Building-102 N. Jefferson St.
Reservations 918-485-4586, Ext. 221

Public Meeting Rooms

Civic Center-301 S. Grant
Reservations 918-485-3414
The Community Building and Civic Center are available to the public at very reasonable charges.  Musical variety shows are held at the Civic Center each Christmas Season from November thru December.  Watch for announcements of shows, dates and ticket sales.

Please watch for meters while mowing.

Wagoner County Senior Citizens Center

The WCSC was founded in July 2002 as an organization to provide entertainment and social interaction for seniors.  It is an excellent means for new residents to meet people and make new friends.

The group plays bingo, cards and other games each Tuesday and lunch is served on Thursday with games afterwards.

Dues are $10 per year and new members are always welcome. 
The Center is located at  233 E. Cherokee St. and the address is P.O. Box 385, Wagoner, OK 74477.

Proud of our Past.  Confident in our Future.